If the application, permit, request, etc. that you have submitted to your government has a review step, the reviewer may request changes to be made to the information that you have provided.

In that case, you, the applicant, will receive an email requesting changes.

Select the provided link in the email you received or log into your ClearForms account. From the email link, you will be taken to the Review step. Here you will see links to view the requested change. Select the link in the orange message(View requested change) or in the Step (Changes requested - View).

This will then open up the Discussion menu.

The Discussion menu will display the message(s), and who sent the message, and allow you to Reply to the reviewer.

Next, go back into the Step where the reviewer has requested for you make changes to your provided information.

  • Make the changes, then come back to the Discussion tab.

  • Select the box next to Resolved to notify the reviewer you’ve made the changes and are ready to proceed forward.

Note: You can have multiple discussion messages open at the same time. Anytime you are finished with a discussion mark Resolved.

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