For many government workflows, there’s a need for specific staff members/users (case managers, inspectors, or other admins) to manage a process through multiple steps. Moreover, there is a need for point people who are responsible for completing online forms (internal Collect Information steps) that are set up for Team Members to fill in.

Assigning a User to a Step

There are three ways to ensure that a specific person or role completes a specific Step or Steps in a workflow:

1. Assigning a User in a Step

In any step, there are assignment options at the top of the step. This allows you to auto-assign a specific role or user when the process reaches that step.

  1. In your preferred step, select Add Assignee.

  2. Search by name, role, or assign user from a previous step.

Once you have assigned your users, you have the choice to also use conditional logic. The assignment can be set to certain roles and/or users depending on how the applicant filled out previous parts of the form.

Select the Logic icon, then set the Outcome and Conditions. Select Save logic configuration to finalize your choices.

2. The “Assign Someone” Step

You can use the Assign Someone step in a workflow to make sure that certain people add information into a process at the right time, so the process moves forward.

For example, this Citizen Request Center workflow has several steps that are completed by different departmental staff depending on the content of the request submitted to the City. A staffer reviews each request. Then uses the Assign Someone step to make sure the correct person responds. Once assigned, that person is responsible for all internal Collect Information steps for the remainder of the process.

The Assign Someone step type is perfect to use when you can't tell in advance who needs to be added into the process from inside your organization.

Additionally, if someone you'd like to assign to a process isn't yet a user (you try typing their name and it doesn't show up) you can invite them via the Assign someone step by adding their email address and name. Once they accept the invitation (and set up a password), they'll be added to the specific process you invited them to join, and their name will appear as an option for Assignment in the future.

You can only assign one person at a time via the Assign someone step. To assign multiple people, use the Access Menu option.

Pro Tip: When you know in advance who exactly will need to review a process, use a Review step instead.

3. The Access Menu option

Whether or not there's an Assign Someone step in your process, you can see who is currently assigned, and make assignments or reassignments on an as-needed basis via the Menu Access section.

Select the Menu at the upper right of any process. You'll see the Access section which shows all workflow admins. If anyone is currently assigned, the toggle will be green next to their name and it will show Assigned. To change the assignment, just toggle on another admin. To assign other users, toggle on available or select Manage and add an additional user to assign to.

Note: Many workflows without Assign Someone steps will show that nobody is assigned. That's not necessarily a problem, as long as whoever has primary responsibility for the workflow is tracking that any Internal Collect information steps are being completed.

If there are no internal Collect Information steps in a workflow, there's no need to / purpose in Assigning anyone.

Reviewing Who is Assigned to a Workflow

Whether or not there's an Assign Someone step in your process, you can see who is currently assigned, and make reassignments if need be. Look for the Menu option at the upper right of any active process.

Once it's open, you'll see a list of all the possible admins, and who is currently assigned.

Note: In an Assign Someone step, only one person can be assigned. But more than one person can be assigned via the Menu section and you can also toggle on/ off assigned staff via the Menu as well.

Filtering For Your Assignments

From your Dashboard, you can filter by Assigned to me option. This will just display workflows that are assigned to you.

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