When governments use the Survey Step feature, it's often to collect public input on a proposed building permit, event, or to gather information from a particular set of constituents, such as a group of employees. Learn more about the Survey Step here.

If you have a Survey Step as part of a live workflow, you might occasionally need to make edits to the submitted data. Here's how:

To do so, you can access that information via the Survey Step and by clicking on the individual submissions. If you're an admin on the workflow, you can change the data that's been submitted and then save your changes. Please note that changes must be made individually for each submitted survey. The following screenshots are from a survey configured as an "identified" survey, where the email addresses of the submitters are monitored.

First you click on the Survey Step in the workflow, then you're able to select an individual result to edit:

After you make any changes, be sure to save your changes by clicking on the green "Update Responses" bar at the bottom of the screen.

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