If you use the ClearForms Entity feature to allow your applicants to select a set of data from a reference list, sometimes you will want to allow applicants to suggest changes to that data.

Common uses of the entity feature are for semi-permanent data lists (such as a list of all the land parcels in your community) or for business information that doesn't change every year (such as business address and EIN number).

When a business owner renews their business license, some of their data may have changed over the past year. When they submit suggested changes, you'll need to review and approve them. Here's a video that shows how:

Whenever you have any entity change requests pending, you'll see a banner that looks like this at the top of the Directory page for Entities/ Organizations. Here's how the banner appears:

Once you click the "Organization Change Request" link and select a specific change request you'll have the option to approve or reject each specific request.

Allowing applicants to suggest changes will keep your Organization/ Entity data current.

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