When you configure ClearForms' Renewal settings and your applicants complete their permit or license process, they may end up with one of several Output statuses.

Once you have an Output that can be renewed it can be in one of several statuses:

  • Issued

  • Unissued (usually in process or Halted)

  • Revoked

  • Expired.

To find a group of processes in one of the above status categories, you may use the Output Status search option as shown above on the left side of your Dashboard.

Searching by these status options can be helpful to determine which applicants might need an extra reminder (beyond the automatic renewal reminder messages you can set up) to renew their permit or license. Once you find all the Expired processes, you can export that list and then use their email addresses to contact them.

As a reminder, an Output is what ClearForms calls the summary document or PDF result of a process. You can change the name "Summary Document" to something specific like Business License or Building Permit. Once you do, the Building Permit is the "Output" of your workflow.

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