Sometimes during a process it's useful to remind an applicant or admin about information that was entered in an earlier field or step, or to display the results of a formula that's being used to calculate a permit or license fee. Here's how:

Using the Field or Formula Display feature can be helpful for many reasons:

  • To make sure that applicants understand how a fee was calculated from one or more formulas

  • To display information from a field or formula in admin instructions to help with reviews

You can display this information in instructions or emails by using the "@" sign and then selecting the field name or formula from the list that will appear below. Once it's been added, the name of the field or formula will show up on a dark oval shape, as seen in the screenshot below.

You can utilize the Field and Formula Display feature by typing

@+ the name of the formula or field name

If you would like a more in depth explanation of this feature, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Customer Success Team via the Intercom chat in the bottom right corner or via email [email protected].

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