Once you have created a ClearForms account with a valid email address, you can log back into your ClearForms account any time to view applications you've already submitted.

You can access in-process and completed applications in the same place

Log in any of these ways:

  1. following the link to your process in any email you've received from ClearForms

  2. going to the ClearForms applicant log-in page

When you're ready to log in you'll be on a page that looks like this:

Log in with the same email and password combination used when you initially created your ClearForms account. (For example, if you created your ClearForms account with your personal email address, don't use your work email address to try to log in.)

If you have forgotten your password, click Reset Password here or on the login page and you will see this page.

Enter the email address associated with your ClearForms account, then click "send reset instructions".

After you click the "Send reset instructions" button please check your email. You will receive a reset password email from the ClearForms team. Follow the prompts in the email to reset your password. Please keep in mind, ClearForms passwords must be at least 12 characters.

Once you successfully log in you'll see a dashboard that looks like this, with one line for each application or submission you've made to ClearForms. Many people will only have one thing on their dashboard, but you may have a few or many items. Just double click on the line for the application you'd like to access to continue or view it. On the right you'll see the status of each individual process.

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