When you upload a fillable PDF to a Workflow to use as a custom Output, you will have already created text boxes in your fillable PDF document to use for text and paragraph text fields. Because of the limits of the PDF format, these text fields aren't elastic or expandable - they will always show up as the same size and fit the same amount of text for each printout. In your PDF settings you can set the font size to try and fit more, but if someone has written a really long entry in a paragraph text field, it still might not fit.

Now you can set an optional character limit on your text fields (Text and Paragraph Text field types) to make sure you never run out of room on your form. Here's a video overview of how it works:

Just click on the Advanced Settings below the field where you'd like to set a character limit, and enter the maximum number of characters that you'd like to accept in that field.

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