Having trouble getting back to a process you started on ClearForms? Easily access your Applicant dashboard and any processes you've submitted at https://go.citygrows.com/dashboard.

Additional tips for Admins about the Applicant Dashboard:
While most governments that use ClearForms primarily create constituent-facing workflows (building permits, business licenses, etc.) many also build internal workflows. If you're both an Admin user (you're a reviewer or have a staff role on a workflow) AND an applicant on a different workflow (you submitted a Contract Request) it can get a little confusing to navigate back to the Applicant side of ClearForms.

Here's a tip: Your Admin dashboard and pages all start with "admin.citygrows.com" but any Applicant pages start with "go.citygrows.com." We don't currently show the processes where you're only an Applicant on your Admin dashboard, but we'll be adding more links between these two sides of ClearForms soon!

Here's a video overview of your options to navigate back and forth in the meantime:

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