The Renewals feature helps staff manage reoccurring workflows, such as annual pet or business licenses. This feature allows the Admins to set the frequency of the renewal (for example, every year) and set when the Applicant is eligible to renew. Once you set a workflow to Renew, you will be able to track whether your applicants have completed required renewals going forward.

The Renewals feature can be found on the workflow Settings under the Outputs tab. Please note that the Renewals feature defaults to Off, so you must activate it to receive the benefits of tracking Renewal status. You will not be able to turn this feature on until the you set an Expiration date for the Output.

Here are all the Renewal-related settings:

Expiration: You can set a fixed Expiration (e.g. a specific date like December 31, 2021 or a rolling expiration period (one year from when the applicant receives a permit or license. You must select an Expiration in order to use the other Renewals features.

Renewal: Toggle on to allow applicants to Renew (use the data from their previous applications to easily renew with pre-filled information).

Grace Period: The renewal Grace Period is the amount of time allowed after the Output expires that applicant is allowed to renew without starting over with a new application. The renewal grace period defaults to not allowing the applicant to renew after the output expires. Admins can update the time in days, months or years.

Renewal Period Start: The renewal period start point is the amount of time before the license or permit expires that the applicant can start a Renewal. The setting defaults to allowing the applicant to renew the day it is issued. The Admin can change the date to according to days, months or years.

Autofill: This is the best part! The autofill form data feature defaults to off. If you decide to turn this feature on, your applicants' previous data will be filled in for them when they renew. They will still have the ability to edit the data if there are any updates (for example, new phone number or email address).

Renewal Reminders: You are able to set one or more automated reminder emails that will prompt your applicants to renew their processes.

As you update the settings remember to publish the workflow. For more information on outputs, please check out our Outputs Help Doc.

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