The ClearForms Roles feature allows you to easily swap people in and out of Review functions to respond to staffing changes. When a new staff person takes over for someone who is on leave or who has changed roles, the new person will need to have access to all pending processes that are awaiting Review, including the ones that were started before any personnel changes were made. That's possible via Roles.

Instead of adding people individually as Reviewers, adding them via a Role is the easiest way to ensure that the right people will have access to Review processes.

In each Review step section, there is the option to add a Role. If you haven't set up any Roles yet, you'll have the option to create a new Role. Learn more about how Roles work on ClearForms here.

If you have already added one or more people to a Role who will be the review team for this section/ Step, just add the Role as a Reviewer. Please note that if there is more than one person in the Role, once one person reviews that review is deemed complete. If you must have multiple people complete the exact same review please add them to different Roles or add them as individuals (not recommended). That will automatically add in all the people who are in the Role as potential reviewers. And once a Role has been added, you can switch people out of the Role easily.

Here's how it works:

If you add a new person to the Role after your workflow is already in use, that person will have access to all the processes the Role does, even if they were started before that person was added to the system.

And if someone leaves your organization or changes jobs and should no longer have the same access, you may just remove them from the Role, and any pending Reviews will disappear from their dashboard and they'll stop getting email notifications.

Shortly we'll be extending the Roles access option to general workflow Permissions, but currently it's only available for Review steps.

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