Sometimes when you're editing a workflow, and you are ready to delete a step, section, or field, you may see a message "This field is used by formula (Fee Formula). To delete this field, you must first remove it from the formula. View this formula." Here's why:

ClearForms removes your ability to delete fields, sections, or steps is when information collected there is being used by another part of a workflow. You won't be able to delete something that contains information that is required for formulas or for logic configurations for sections, reviews, or subprocesses later in the workflow.

If you're sure you want to remove the information, you must first edit or delete the formula it's used in and/or delete any logic operation that relies on it.

Once you've edited or removed the operations that rely on a specific part of your workflow, you're able to delete it without triggering an error message.

Please use our chat support if you ever are unsure about exactly where / why you're unable to delete something.

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