Sometimes it's useful to share the information on ClearForms with other staff members from your government who aren't directly involved in a workflow.

For example, you might want to share your Dog License data with your Police Officers for them to check whether a dog they encounter at a residence is registered, or your Code Enforcement team might need to check the status of a Sidewalk Use permit - even though those staff members aren't (and don't need to be!) involved in the daily work of processing dog licenses or permit applications.

Under Power Ups, you'll find the Search Pages option. You may use this feature to set up customized search pages for specific uses.

Here's a video overview of how to set up a custom private search page:

Here are the options for the settings you can configure for these pages:

  • Name: Page title will appear at the top of your search page

  • Instructions: Instructions for the staff members who will be using this page

  • Access permissions: You may select from "Anyone with the link," which can be useful for use on an intranet or "Only those with permitted email domains." If you select the second option, ClearForms will require people using the custom search page to enter their email, we'll send them a link to ensure they actually have access to that email, and only allow people with certain email addresses to access the page. (Of course, all ClearForms worklfows come with the option for Open Data/ Public Stats pages for completely public search options. Learn more about Open Data/ Public Search here.)

  • Search restrictions: You can allow all fields to be visible in searches, or limit the search results on this private search page to specific fields.

Here's the settings page:

Once you've configured these settings and saved your Custom Search page, you can share the URL with your team members. Custom search pages are very simple and designed to make it easy for your colleagues who don't need full access to ClearForms to perform the searches they need.

To see a video overview of the email validation process, you can review the overview we created for your team members who will be using public search pages. Please feel free to share this link with them!

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