If you are trying to test your workflow and do not see your recent changes, it may be because you did not click "Publish changes" on the top of your screen.

Publish changes button

Right above the green "Start Workflow" button should be another button that says "Publish changes." This is part of a banner that says "This workflow has changes that are not yet live." This banner appears after you have edited the workflow but haven't actually published the workflow to the public.

ClearForms automatically saves all of your work done to a workflow without having to click any save or publish buttons. However, all changes made will only be visible to you and other workflow admin.

Start Workflow button
  • For example, you go to test a workflow by clicking the "Start workflow" button and the green "Start" button. This takes you to the applicant point-of-view and directs you to the screen that they would see if they were to start the workflow.

  • If you had not previously clicked "Publish changes," then all changes made to the workflow are not yet visible to the applicant

  • To fix this, simply return to the workflow edit page and click the publish changes button

You know your changes have been published when ClearForms redirects you to the workflow overview page. You will also receive a notification that says "Workflow has been published"!

Workflow has been published notification

**Please remember:
Newly published changes will not apply to processes that are already in progress! This means that processes that have been completed or are currently in progress will not be changed by any workflow edits.

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