ClearForms enables admin users to create a "File" field in the Collect Info steps of workflows. This field will ask applicants to submit a PDF, photo, or any other file type of their choosing as part of completing a form These files can be photos, documents, plans, or drawings. Just like any other field, you can make this field optional or required, and decide whether file or document is available via the Stats/ Open Data page.

Requiring a file is useful because it's common for workflows to request documents or other types of information or verification. For example, building permit workflows often require a contractor to upload a copy of their state license and current insurance coverage. For a sign permit, you may want to require a photograph of the current building street frontage. In the example below, the workflow requires a legible weight ticket from their recycler.

File Field CityGrows

You can add a file field to any Collect/Record Info Step. Simply scroll down on the drop-down until you see "File."

Once the file field is in place, applicant will be able to submit documents to the workflow. They will be see a blue "Choose a file" button. When clicked, it prompts the applicant to upload a file from their PC.

CityGrows applicant choose file feature

All files attach to a workflow will stay with that process throughout its life! After the applicant completes a workflow, you have the ability to download a summary document with (or without) the attached files!

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