ClearForms fosters local governments and municipalities all around the United States. Because of this, we can't automatically infer the time zone of your local area. It is important for admin and team members to set the correct time zone for their area to ensure accurate record keeping and documentation of processes that occur.

Here are the steps to change the time zone of your team:

  • First, access the teams page. You can do this by clicking on the profile icon at the top right of your screen and clicking "Teams"

CityGrows Profile drop-down
  • Next, click on the team whose time zone you wish to change

Team Select screen CityGrows

  • This brings you to the Team Profile page. It is hear that you change the time zone of your team.

  • Scoll down until you see the "Time Zone" drop-down. Select the time zone that your team uses and click green "Save Time Zone" button. This locks in the new time zone!

CityGrows time zone drop-down

For more information regarding the Teams page, please vist:

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