In the Settings tab of each Workflow on ClearForms, you can update the workflow status, change the URL slug, configure the open data and workflow access, add FAQs, change admin permissions, and so much more!

The Settings tab is broken into three sections: Workflow, Support, and Permissions.

Workflow (General) Settings:

Here is a list of features available in this section:

  • Workflow Status - Update the present status of the workflow to be Published (live), Unpublished (great for getting started and testing), Closed (visible to you and the public but no longer able to be launched), or Archived (not visible on your Workflows page or to the public).

  • URL Slug - When you first create a workflow, ClearForms automatically creates a URL based off the workflow name. Here you can change the name of your URL

  • Access - Here you can change the privacy settings of the workflow by clicking the various switches:

    • Make the workflow admin only

    • Toggle Open Data on or off.

    • Change whether the workflow does/doesn't appear in your public portal

    • Choose whether others can clone your workflow

  • ID settings - Create a custom process ID to better recognize and organize your constituent's processes.

  • Identifier Field - Select a field from the workflow that will appear on your dashboard and in public search results and/or on your applicants' dashboards (Public Identifier) in order to help identify each process.

  • Completion Message - Add a completion message to the workflow that will be sent to applicants as well as appear on the last step on the workflow upon conclusion.

  • Public Data Search Settings - Turn public data search "On" or "Off." Turning this feature on will allow the public to view information collected as part of the workflows.

Workflow settings page

Support Settings

  • Add a Support Contact - When a applicant has a question about the workflow process, they will be referred to the listed support contact

  • Add FAQs - Often times, ClearForms refers applicants who have questions about the process to the FAQ page. This page includes common facts, answers, and questions about the workflow. In the Support page, you can add FAQs but clicking "Add" on the right of the screen and then entering the question and corresponding answer.

Support Settings

Permissions Settings

  • Add/ Remove Admin - Enter the email or ClearForms username of the person in which you want to give admin permissions. You can decide whether an individual is able to edit the workflow or just view it. You can also remove admin from the workflow on this page

Permissions Settings

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