Sometimes after a permit or license has been completed or issued it's necessary to revoke or change its status. For example, it may come to light that a business or applicant did not answer questions truthfully or completely on an application, or some material component of their status may change, rendering their permit invalid.

In that case, administrators are able to edit / remove the Issued Date from a completed process. Once that has been done, the permit or license will no longer display as Valid. Here's a video overview of how to make this type of change:

Here's a screenshot of the small Edit link that's visible next to any Issue Date from an admin view for completed processes.

And here's what it looks like once you select Edit. You're able to either erase (and therefore revoke the permit or license) or edit the Issue Date.

If you delete the Issue Date the Valid tag will disappear and the process will show as Not Yet Issued. However please note that the applicant and other admins are still able to download the unissued document via the Download button.

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