There may be times when you'd like your applicants to see one set of information about a step, and display a different set of instructions to your admins / reviewers. Here's a short video of how you can:

This can be particularly helpful when:

  • You want to make sure your reviewers check a certain field or formula calculation (and you include the field or formula in the instructions but don't want to show that to the applicant).

  • You want to provide the applicant some context on the Review or other internal step (but that information isn't needed by your admins).

  • On a Third Party Review step you want to provide more detailed context for the Third Party Reviewer and also provide better guidance to your applicant on how to complete the Third Party review step

For any step type you have the option to configure a different set of instructions for each type of user. In the screenshot below you can see a step where both the Applicant and the Admin instructions have been set up.

Any admin instructions you set up will appear at the top of the Review Manager view for all your reviewers!

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