If you'd like to ensure that an applicant doesn't move forward unless they've responded correctly to one or more questions in your workflow, you may use a conditional Review step to control their progress.

Here's a video overview of how to set this up:

First, decide which question or questions they must answer in a specific way and set these as multiple choice or checkbox fields. For example an applicant may need to answer a yes/ n o question about whether they have a Driver's License. If they answer "No" they should not proceed to a later payment step.

Then add a Review step that has Auto-Advance set to On and has one or more required review groups that include logic based on the questions that should be answered in a specific way. In this example because you would like the applicants to have a Driver's License you'd set the conditional to only require a review if the applicant said "No" to the Driver's License question.

With Auto-advance set to On, the review will not be required if the applicant answers "correctly." An applicant who indicates they have a Driver's License can move forward, but anyone who answers No will be held up until your team can review the application and either Reject/ Halt the process or request a clarification/ correction from the applicant.

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