Sometimes you'll receive a submission from an applicant and it will be missing sections or whole steps that you expected would be completed. It's important to check that your logic, step, and field settings are configured correctly to get the reponses you're looking for.

One thing that causes steps to be moved forward inadvertently without information being collected is when auto-advance is turned on for logic-driven steps without any required fields in them.

For example this ClearForms Workflow Planning workflow has several steps that are triggered by logic and that have many optional fields. When we created this workflow we wanted people to be able to skip fields easily if they weren't relevant to their situation, but we also didn't want them to be incorrectly auto-advanced past an entire step.

If you have every section on a step triggered by logic and auto-advance set to ON (so that people for whom the sections aren't relevant won't see them) you must have at least one field in each logic-triggered section set as a required field to avoid the step being skipped in error. If every section in a step is triggered by logic AND auto-advance is set to on AND there are no required fields the step will always be skipped. Set at least one field in each logic-triggered section to Required to make sure that applicants see and respond to the step/ section. Here are the 3 things to check:

If you've adjusted these settings and your step is still not being completed please use the chat function to connect to our team and we're happy to troubleshoot the workflow with you.

And by the way we recommend you complete the Workflow Planning workflow referenced here when thinking about bringing a new process or permit online!

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