ClearForms allows admin users to configure many aspects of the Output (the Summary Document) that is the record or receipt of a completed process.

Here's a video overview of Outputs settings:

Summary Document name: in the Output settings you can decide on what the Summary Document should be called (e.g. Building Permit or Pet License).

Valid Period: Determine whether the Summary Document expires after a specific time period.

Issue Step: While most workflows issue their Outputs upon the completion of the final Step many have post-issue steps. You may configure a specific step in your workflow to indicate when the Summary Document (e.g. the permit or license) is valid. Please note that the Document becomes valid/ issued at the BEGINNING of the step you select. So if there's a step during which your team enters in final information related to a permit or completes a review you would select the following step as the "Issue Step." And if that would be after the process is done then no need to adjust this setting!

Document Format: Default: You may configure our Default settings with additional text and select which Steps/ Sections and Formulas to show. Learn more about configuring the Default format here.

Document Format: Custom: You may upload and then configure fields to display in a completely custom PDF format. Learn how to build and label a fillable PDF and then upload and add field matching here.

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