The result of a completed workflow in the ClearForms system is called an Output. Currently only one Output format is available per workflow. We anticipate adding multiple Output options per workflow in the near future.

On each Workflow page you'll find an Output tab. Here you'll find settings for:

  • Whether the Output has an expiration period

  • When the Output is issued (default is set to "on process completion" or you may adjust to have the Ouput be issued at the completion of any individual Step in the workflow)

Until the step on the workflow when the Ouput is issued (usually the last step of the process) the Output will not be available to the applicant.

However once the Ouput is available and/or after the process is completed it will be available to applicants to view and/or download and will appear as a Valid Output.

You may either use our Default (built-in) Output PDF format or upload a Custom (Fillable) PDF and map data for a uniquely formatted PDF export.

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