ClearForms gives you the ability to set a Custom ID format in addition to our standard Process ID (the sequential number assigned to each process in a workflow when it's created). Here's a video overview of how it works.

Some government use specific formats for permit or license numbers which may include the year issued and codes to distinguish between departments or permits types.

In this example the permit number should be ENG21-(IDnumber). ENG for Engineering / 21 for the year in which the permit is issued / number of permit.

You can use the Custom ID settings to have the system automatically assign these permit numbers. This option is found on the Settings tab of each Workflow.

Once you select "Add Custom ID" you'll have the ability to configure and save a Custom ID using any combination of characters numbers and key dates. Each Custom ID must include the Process ID. You can also expand the formatting guide to see options for adding dynamic year or date components.

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