Because you can use ClearForms for both public workflows (such as building permits or business licenses) and internal workflows (employee evaluations, contract management) the system allows you to set different levels of access to the workflow overall. You can configure these options in the Settings for each workflow.

If you're trying to

  • figure out how to set up a workflow that only your coworkers can use

  • figure out how to turn off all Open Data and make a workflow totally private

  • set up a workflow for testing so that it doesn't show on your public portal page

this is the right place!

Here's an overview of each type of Setting available (the Settings options is a tab on each workflow on your Workflows page).

Here's an example of how your Settings might be configured after you've finished testing and your workflow is live:

Admin only: When this setting is on, only admins (your colleagues who have been added to the workflow using the Permissions tab and/or as Reviewers can start the workflow. Members of the public are not able to use the workflow. Turning this setting on during testing can be helpful.

Public data: This controls whether the workflow's Stats page is turned on/ visible to the public. If Public data is off no stats or information about the workflow overall or for individual processes is available. We strongly encourage you to have Public data set to On once your workflow is fully tested and in use by the public (please remember you can control what's included on the stats page via the Open Data option for each field. Of course, internal workflows such as Employee Evaluations will likely be set to have Public data off.

Show in Public Portal: This setting determines whether a workflow appears in your Team's Public Portal page if it's been published. Many ClearForms users share the link to their Portal page so that applicants can select the workflow that's right for them. You may want to set Show in Public Portal to Off during testing/ setup.

Allow clone: This setting determines whether other ClearForms admin users can copy your workflow. In order to move a workflow from one Team to another, Allow clone must be set to On.

Here's a screenshot of how your Settings might be configured during Testing to limit access:

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