It's rare but occasionally CityGrows (or one of the underlying technologies we use - for example our external email send provider or our mapping partner) is experiencing problems.
If you think CityGrows may be down (you're unable to access the site or are experiencing other serious issues) you can check the status of CityGrows/ our servers at

The best way to report any technical issues or problems is via the CityGrows chat support box. If you're an administrator you'll always see the green chat box option when you're signed into CityGrows on the lower right of your screen. Just click it and send us a message and let us know of any concerns or problems.

If the site is completely down you can message us to let us know via the Twitter account. Please always check to make sure you're connected to the Internet (you are able to access other websites) if you're having issues accessing CityGrows.

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