CityGrows is a software platform that governments use to create workflows for permits, licenses, and internal processes. Most of the time, when you're selecting a person to act as a Reviewer or Administrator on one of your workflows, you'll want to select someone from one of your colleagues (or invite them if they're not already on CityGrows).

For new users and new Teams, CityGrows automatically configures a default domain based on the email address of the person who is setting up the Team. Here's more on how it works.

For example, if I'm [email protected], and I join CityGrows for the first time and/or create a new Team, the default domain for that team will be

This helps streamline what you and your colleagues see when they're making assignments or adding reviewers.

If you need to add additional domains to a team (some governments have different email conventions for their public safety staff, for example) then you'll want to add those additional domains to your team.

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