If you've recently done an export from your Dashboard (here's a link to our help doc on exporting data), but it looks incomplete, it may be because you're exporting data from more than one workflow type.

When you search and sort on your dashboard, unless you make a selection where it says "All workflows" in the left side, your results may include processes from more than one workflow. In this example, this Dashboard shows Combined Business Licenses, Temporary Use, and Massage Establishment permits.

If you attempted to export all these workflows using the Actions menu at upper right, you would get an export, but it would only have very simple information, not all the detailed field data you're probably used to seeing in your exports.

When an export has multiple workflow types, there's no easy way to create a spreadsheet with all that field data, so the system simplifies the export to show the information that's the same for each workflow - who launched it, when it was launched, etc.

To get detailed field data into your Export, please select a specific workflow from the left side of your dashboard (the selector is set to All Workflows as a default). Click on it, pick a specific workflow, and then add additional criteria. When you run your export, all the field data will be automatically included.

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