The ClearForms Lock on Complete feature allows admins to restrict the ability for the information in a step to be changed after it's been submitted (after the Go to next step button is clicked).

But sometimes there will need to be changes to a step that's been completed and is locked. In that case, an admin must open up the process where you need to enable editing, and click on the padlock icon on the step to be edited.

This will send a notification to all workflow admins that the Lock has been disabled, so changes to sensitive information can be tracked.

Once a step has been unlocked, either that admin or the applicant can edit the step in question. This may be necessary when someone requests changes to a workflow. When the information's been updated, the admin can go back and lock the step again.

If you don't have administrative access to unlock a step, if you're a government employee you can send an Internal Discussion, and if you're an applicant you can send a general Discussion requesting that the step be unlocked.

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