The information that's gathered in your workflows is important, and for some governments using our platform, it's a requirement that the information that's been submitted not be altered or adjusted in any way - even by administrators on a workflow.

In order to allow you to control changes to information that's been submitted, you have the option on each Collect Information step to Lock on Complete. When enabled, steps are Locked when completed, and must be unlocked by an admin for an admin or the applicant to edit further. Here's how the setting looks at the top of each step:

The padlock icons for each Collect Information step in an active or completed process are part of this feature. In the left side status bar, the padlock will either be open or closed.

  • In-process or future steps - if a step hasn't been completed yet, the lock will be open.

  • Locked Completed steps: When Lock on Complete is On the lock will be closed, and the information not editable unless the step has been unlocked by an admin.

  • Unlocked Completed steps: If an admin has unlocked the step for editing, the padlock will appear open. It can be locked again once required edits are completed.

When you're logged in as an admin to the workflow, and if you need to edit (or have an applicant edit) a step that's already been completed, simply click the Lock icon to unlock it. When any required change has been made, you can Lock it again.

Here's a video overview of how it works:

Of course, it's up to you whether you enable Lock on Complete for each step in your workflows.

For workflows set up previous to May 18, 2020, steps set to Non-modifiable are now set to Lock on Complete. Lock on Complete replaces ClearForms' previous Modifiable/ Non-Modifiable setting.

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