One of the things that governments like about ClearForms is the ability to have applicants upload multiple files as part of a process.

Each time you add a File field to your workflow, applicants will be prompted to add in the files you've requested. These files can be photos, documents, plans or drawings. It's common for workflows to request documents from other governments or sources. For example, building permit workflows often require a contractor to upload a copy of their license and current insurance coverage.

Sometimes you want to export not just the PDF record of a process, but also all the attachments that have been uploaded along the way. Here's how:

First, navigate to the Menu at the top right of your screen when you have the process in question open (select it from your dashboard).  You'll see the option to Download summary document, and if your workflow includes attachments, you'll see a second option to Download summary with uploaded files.

If you select this option, ClearForms will generate a .zip file with the main summary of the process, along with all attachments (files, images, or other information that's been uploaded along the way).

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