Because ClearForms has the option to have form sections on Collect Information steps, Payments and Reviews that can be triggered by conditional Logic, it's possible to have steps that are empty for some applicants.

For example, a business license workflow may have an internal Collect Information step that's completed by staff, but only required for certain business types (such as restaurants or those requesting liquor licenses). For other businesses, those forms don't apply. Additionally, sometimes you may have a formula calculation that is used in a permit or license fee that will occasionally return a $0 payment amount. For example, some jurisdictions waive license fees for nonprofits.

ClearForms assumes that you will want to Autoadvance any empty Collect Information, Payment or Review steps. But you're able to toggle Autoadvance off if for some reason you'd like to manually advance that step instead.

Here's how the setting looks on an internal Collect Information step:

citygrows autoadvance switch

** Please note that if you set up your workflow before May 1, 2020, we have set Autoadvance to Off on all steps, so if you'd like to turn it on, please go into your Edit screens, select your conditional steps, and turn it on so they'll move forward without your intervention!

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