Many older technology providers to government treat the data collected by their software as property of the software company. Sometimes they even charge governments extra to get access to the data from their own residents and businesses. 

ClearForms is different. We created our company to provide technology for government, and we have a special responsibility to serve the public good.

The data collected on ClearForms belongs to our government users. So if you're completing a business license for your town, your town owns the information that you enter through ClearForms digital forms. 

While ClearForms maintains the ability to access that data in order to improve and maintain our platform, provide customer support, and conduct aggregate data analysis, the data itself belongs to each government that creates an account and workflows. 

We make it easy for governments to view, search, and export the data collected in ClearForms workflows, and we're improving our analytics and reporting tools all the time.

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