When a local government uses ClearForms, the data that's been gathered through its workflows belongs to that government. Our goal is for you to be able to export the information you need from your workflows any time.

Currently, there are 4 types of exports available within ClearForms;

  • Process (Dashboard) Export - select a group of processes

  • Workflow Export - all processes from a specific workflow

  • Directory (People and Entities Export)

  • Financial Transaction Export

Process (Dashboard) Data Exports

To export from your Dashboard, first search/ sort to find the data you'd like to export, using the search tool and/ or the controls in the left dashboard pane. Once you've got the right number and type of processes on your dashboard, select Export from the Actions menu at upper right. 

CityGrows admin dashboard actions drop down

 If the export has lots of data in it, it may take a moment to process, so we'll email you when it's ready. And as soon as it's available, it'll appear on the Exports tab on your Dashboard menu.  This export will include all the process data from the selected workflows, and it'll be a .csv.  We anticipate increasing your ability to customize what's included in this export soon.

CityGrows export data page

Workflow Exports

These exports include all the processes from a specific workflow. You create this export from the Workflow page, select Actions then Export and determine which data you'd like.

Directory Exports (People and Entities)

In addition to the data gathered by your workflows, there's also data stored in ClearForms on the people and/or entities who have submitted at least one process on a Team. That data is available in the Directory tab at the top of the Dashboard. Once you're there you can select People or Organizations and specify the Team for which you'd like to create the export (there's a dropdown where you can switch Teams next to the Export link) and then export the results. This export will also appear in the Exports tab when complete.

CityGrows export tab

Transaction (Financial) Data Exports

Under the Teams section (accessed via the top right of your Dashboard, via the person icon.), once you select a Team of which you're a member, you'll have access to the Transaction Data related to the workflows in that Team. You can select a set of transaction by date, and then export them in .csv format.

CityGrows Erie transaction histroy page

Please let us know if there are additional types of exports you'd like to see!

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