ClearForms has built Review capabilities designed specifically for government. In our normal Review steps, one or more people can Approve, Request Changes, or Reject an application easily, sending the results of their review automatically to the applicant and to other admins.

But what about a scenario where you don't know who the reviewer will be in advance? Here are some examples:

  • A business applying for a sign permit that must show approval from the owner of the building, which will be different for each process submitted

  • A building permit applicant that must show signoff from an architect or licensed contractor, which will be different for each process submitted

  • An internal workflow for a large government, where an employee must route a request to their supervisor for approval, and there are too many divisions and teams to build a logic-driven Review map.

In any of these situations you can use the "Third party" review option to have the applicant send a review request to a person outside of ClearForms. That person will receive an email that informs them that they've been invited to Review a process on ClearForms, along with some basic information on what they're being asked to do (Workflow name, who requested the review) along with a link to log in.

Here's what it looks like when an applicant is prompted to request a review:

CityGrows 3rd party review request page

After it's been sent, it shows as Pending Review to the applicant.

CityGrows pending review applicant screen

Once the Third Party Reviewer goes to the ClearForms site, they'll be taken to the standard Review interface where they can Approve, Reject, or Request Changes. They'll create a ClearForms account along the way, so they can sign back in if they need to Review in the future.

Here's how to set up a Third party review from the admin view:

CityGrows third party drop-down

Please note that Third Party Review steps are a great place to take advantage of the ability to show different Applicant and Admin instructions.

For example, the Applicant instructions will appear to the person who started the process. So if they need to enter, for example a Property Owner's email to get their signoff, you may use the Applicant instructions section to make clear what they should do/ who they should enter. And then once the Third Party reviewer receives the request and signs on to ClearForms to review, they'll see the Admin instructions, so that's a great opportunity to give them more context on the process and what's happening.

Please contact our team via our chat function if you have questions about Third Party Review. Sometimes it's good to think through whether a Third Party or conditional regular review is the best option.

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