At the end of a workflow, ClearForms displays a default completion message, with a prompt to download the output (PDF record) of the workflow.  (The most common reason constituents or admins come back to a workflow after it's been completed is to download a record/ receipt/ summary of what transpired). This is what a completion page looks like - the text that starts off with "Congratulations, your license...." has been customized.

CityGrows example dog license completion page

If you'd like to give applicants specific instructions about what to do when a workflow is done, we encourage you to customize the completion message as in the example below. Perhaps applicants need to display the Business License they've received prominently at their place of business, or have a printed copy of their Special Event permit on hand on the day of their event.

If so, it's easy to change our default message. From the workflow edit page, click on "Settings" tab and scroll down to "Completion Message."  Then feel free to customize the message in the text box below!

Anything you write will automatically be saved in the workflow settings and will appear to applicants upon completion.

Citygrows completion message page

If you'd like to learn more about workflow outputs and customizing the PDF documents that applicants receive upon completion, please visit this page:

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