To "go live" with a new workflow, we recommend reviewing the steps below. 

  • Please remember that it’s easy to edit/ improve your workflows on ClearForms, even after they’re “live.” But once someone has started a workflow, they will finish out on the same “version” they started. Generally, for simple workflows, it’s pretty easy to change things after the fact. For longer (multi-step workflows that can take weeks or months) it’s much more important to test extensively, since your applicants will have to continue on the version they start with.

  • Preview how each workflow will look to the applicant or user. (e.g. view the “Get started” page from the side). You can access this page by copying the URL you find under "Start workflow" button on the admin dashboard or by pressing the "Start" button that appears from the drop down.

    Start Workflow button citygrows
  • Click "Started" and test the workflow beginning to end.  Ideally, make sure at least 2 other people who have some knowledge of the workflow do a “test run” to check for errors, omissions, and give feedback.

    • Test from at least one account that doesn't have admin privileges on the workflow (or use a dummy testing account/ email) so that you get a sense of what the experience will be like for workflow users.  

    • If you are testing a workflow with one or more payment steps, have “accept check payment” enabled. Then go through the workflow as if you were making payments by check (there’s currently no way to test the credit card payment side).

    • Be sure to check that emails everyone involved receives are correct.

  • Go back to the "" start page for your workflow and click on "Stats" - click on one of your test workflow submissions (bottom right) and preview what information is being included in your "Open Data" view.

    • You can adjust what fields do/ don't appear in open data from the "Edit" screens. While some government workflows mandate that all information entered be available to the public, most governments choose to keep at least some information (e.g. applicant phone/ email) out of the "Open Data" information.

  • If your workflow contains one or more formulas, have your test users enter different data and make sure each formula is producing the result you expect.

  • Think about how the workflow relates to your broader business functioning - do your best to make sure that you’re not automating just one small part of a bigger process. It might take a bit more time to get a longer, more complex workflow onto ClearForms. You might choose to start with a smaller piece of a bigger picture, but make sure you’re thinking about the entire business process before you launch.

    • Important Questions: Are there other departments that are involved before or after what you’ve included in the workflow? Will they need data from the workflow? How will they get it? Should they be added or included?

  • Review the workflow with a ClearForms team member. Just ping us on Intercom chat and we can take a look!.  (You might want to review it with your boss, too).

Check to make sure that the following workflow settings are properly configured from the admin/ edit view:

  • Make sure the workflows appears on the correct "Team" and that your Team settings are correctly configured.

    • If you've been building it on your personal/ default team assigned by our system (you'll see your user name showing up in the URL for the workflow), go to the Teams page and adjust your settings.

    • If you've been using a "test" team or someone else on your staff has already set up / is using an "official" team, you can “Clone” your workflow to the "Official" team if you have the proper access. After cloning you must re-add admins and reviewer names and re-add a custom photo banner.

    • Make sure that the person who does the cloning will be an admin on that workflow, as the “owner” of the workflow can’t be removed once it’s set up.

    • After you clone it, it’s a best practice to test one more time before launch.  Then delete that test run so your workflow won’t be clogged up with test data.

Here’s a good overview resource for anyone setting up and administering new workflows:

Other checks that may be needed:

  • If launching any workflows that include fees/ payment processing, ensure that your government’s bank account has been added and all options have been configured in “Payout Preferences” tab. You can begin accepting payment before setting this up, but you won’t be able to transfer any revenue to your bank account until that setup is completed. If you’ll be accepting payments, make sure your Finance department is aware/ prepared.  Here are a set of resources for finance people, and we also have a finance-focused document you can share.

  • If any of your workflows will be using the ClearForms “Organizations” feature, please set up your custom fields for your Organization Directory.

  • If you’re a monthly subscription customer, enter your billing information under the billing tab.

  • Make sure you’ve notified all relevant stakeholders of your plans to launch (e.g. if you’re not the City/ County Manager check to make sure there aren’t other departments or leaders who should be aware.)  If you’re not the IT department at your government, they may appreciate a heads up, and you may need them to add links to workflows to websites so best that they’re aware :-)

  • Ask your IT Department, City/ County management, or other stakeholders if they would like to be included at the “team” level. Team members can view data and stats for any workflow on their Team, but unless they “Join” a specific workflow they won’t see individual applications on their dashboard or receive any admin email notifications related to that workflow.

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