Every once in a while you may need to completely waive a required payment as part of a process.

Perhaps the applicant is the longest-tenured business in your community, or a nonprofit organization may not be required to pay a facility rental fee.

For whatever reason, if you have to waive a payment that is normally required, we've created the opportunity for you to do that.

Find the specific process on your dashboard you want to work on and click to open it. Navigate to the payment step of the process. Then click the 3 dots at the upper right of the payment step, and select "Waive payment."

CityGrows Worksite Transportation Plan waive payment button

Once that's selected, a "Payment Waived" message will appear on the screen and the applicant will be able to click through the Payment step without paying.

Want to change your mind? Click the 3 dots again and then click on "Require payment" and the application will be back to the standard payment status.

This is a great feature for special cases - if you find yourself waiving payments frequently, you may want to (or you may want to ask your workflow admin if you don't have edit privileges) to adjust your workflow questions and formula to account for the conditions that result in waived payments.  For example, if you want to always waive payments for nonprofits, you could ask whether the applicant was a nonprofit organization and then build a formula with 0$ payment associated with that answer to a multiple choice question.  For more on how to use formula values with multiple choice fields, read this overview.

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