After your trial period with ClearForms, you'll need to subscribe in order to continue using the software.  ClearForms is priced to be affordable to all sized of governments, and our subscription rates are tied to the population size of your government.  Read more about our pricing here:

One of our team members will set up your subscription level in our system, and in order to continue using ClearForms you'll need to add a payment method into the system.

Payments are managed at the Team level.

All workflows on the same Team are part of the same ClearForms subscription/ billing cycle.  Unless you are paying for your subscription annually in advance, you'll need to add your government's credit card information to the Billing section of your Team page. (If you need to have multiple Teams for the same government organization, please contact using the Intercom chat feature at lower right, and we'll make sure that you're on the right subscription level and they're all connected).

Here's how to set up a payment method for your subscription:

  1.  Navigate to the Teams page (very small dropdown arrow at upper right of your Dashboard).

  2. If you have more than one team, e.g. a testing and a main team, please select your primary team (the same Team where you're connecting your bank account).

  3. Select the Billing tab 

  4. Select Change plan and select the plan that's appropriate for your population size.

  5. Select Add payment method and add your credit card information!  Check out the screenshots below for how it will look along the way.

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