We've created the Identifier Field feature to help you customize your dashboard so you can find what you're looking for with a quick glance. It's the second column from the left on your admin Dashboard, and it will appear blank unless an Identifier Field has been selected for the Workflow related to that application.

Here's how to set it:  First, navigate to the Workflows page and Settings tab for a particular workflow.

Scroll down to see the Identifier Field section- you may select the field you'd like to use from the dropdown list.  Be sure and toggle on Public Identifier if you'd like your applicants' dashboards to also include this information, which will make it easier for them to navigate between multiple processes.

Once you've set the identifier field, your dashboard will look like this!  

CityGrows dashboard with identifier field

If you'd like to narrow down what appears on your Dashboard or you use the same (or similar) searches repeatedly you may want to set one or more saved Dashboard Filters. Here's how.

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