Most of the time when you're using ClearForms to collect permit or license fees from applicants, they pay a standard fee.  Sometimes this fee is fixed and sometimes it's calculated automatically by the ClearForms platform through our Formulas feature.

But sometimes, no matter how much you plan ahead, you need to add an additional payment into a process.  Perhaps you realize that an applicant never paid a previous year's business license fee, and must do so to renew.  Or perhaps you want to assess a late fee, or the parameters of an application changed after a fee was paid.

That's why we added our new "Request an additional payment" feature.  Now, at any time during a process, you can access this feature via the Menu link (top right when an individual application is open).

CityGrows Process Menu Drop-Down

Once you click in, you'll see something that looks like the options that are available when you configure a Payment step in a workflow, but the Request an additional payment is a one-time option specific to an individual process.

You are able to set the reason for the payment when you Add a Request Name and description -that's how the applicant will know what you're requesting the payment for. For example, you could use "Late fee" for the request name. And when you click Send Request the applicant will be notified that they won't be able to continue along in their process without completing the additional payment.  

Citygrows Additional Payment step

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