One of the ways that ClearForms helps make local governments employees' jobs easier is through our automatic email notifications.  You can set up notifications to go out for each step of your workflow, either to the applicant (the person or business who launched the process) or to the administrators (your team members who are included in the "Permissions" for that workflow). Here's how to set up an email on any step:

When you're in the "Edit" view for an individual workflow, at the top of each step you'll see a link to "Add Email Notification."

CityGrows Add Email notification button

Once you click that, you'll see options for who the email should go to - either the Applicant who launched the process, or the workflow's Admins.

Email Notification edit page

Your next option is whether the email will go out at the beginning or the completion of the step.  And once you select these options, you can type in the Subject line and the content of the email, which you can format to have bullets and text effects.

These options allow you to alert coworkers when a process is completed (e.g. a permit is issued) automatically. Or you can use this function to notify an applicant of when a mandatory public notice period is beginning and ending.  We're looking forward to hearing about how you're using our email notification functions. 

Please remember that the following that some automatic emails aren't yet configurable:

  • Reviewers will always receive an email when it's their turn to review something.

  • All admins on a workflow receive notifications when a new Discussion is launched. 

  • Pro tip: If you want someone to be able to view a workflow, but not receive all the emails associated with it, they can be a "Team" member but not be added on the Permissions list to that individual workflow.

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