How will your applicants know that your forms were created by your local government or department?  ClearForms lets you add your own branding and adjust your site's color scheme to match your local colors. We've created the ability to customize the name and logo for Teams so all users can see your government's name and logo on while ClearForms. If you're the first person from your government setting up ClearForms, this is how you replace your name and add a custom logo to the upper left of all public-facing pages.

When you start using ClearForms, you're assigned a default team based on your name. You can use this default team for testing, and then make a new Team when you're ready to add ClearForms processes to your government's website. However, you can also just update the name and logo for your original default team to represent your government. Here's how:

First, navigate to the Teams page from the small account icon at the top right of any ClearForms admin screen.

CityGrows profile drop-down

When you get to the teams page you'll see your default team (and any other teams you've created or been added to).

Click on the Team name you want to update, and you'll land on a page that looks like this:

You can also customize the Team name (you may not want to keep the default name the system assigned).

Along with the name, you can customize the URL (the team name will be included in any workflows that you share with your colleagues or the public, so it should be short but descriptive)

And don't forget to add an image - your government's logo or seal is a good choice here. The logo will appear at the top left of process landing pages. It's best to use a square image here if you can and we'll generate 200x300, 200x200, 50x50 pixel images. If you upload an image that is larger than these dimensions we will automatically scale it down.

From other tabs on this page you can add team Roles to provide access to your colleagues for Reviews, Financial data, and determine who can update Team settings and add new Roles.

Be sure to explore all the other aspects of Teams - this is also where you set up your payout bank account to receive permit and license fees processed through ClearForms, and where you can manage financial information for one or more processes linked to a Team.

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