If you'd like an applicant or reviewer to add their signature to certify their input on a form or review, you can require that during workflow setup.  CityGrows currently offers two options for how admins can require a signature before an application can move forward.

  1. Applicant signatures on Collect Information steps:

If you'd like your applicants to add their signature to a form, just toggle the Require signature option on at the top of the Collect Information step setup.

CityGrows require signature toggle

If you have Require signature they'll be prompted to sign before they complete the step:

CityGrows Signature Page

If you'd like them to agree to a specific set of language we recommend making a "Affidavit" or "Agreements" section on your Collect Info step at the end. Then add the reuired language to the Section Instructions (some governments choose to make a whole separate Collect Info Step for complex/ long agreements and put the language in the Step instructions. Then you may add a field that says something like "I attest that all the information I have provided is correct to the best of my ability and I agree to abide by the regulations above"

CityGrows Example Affidavit

2. Reviewer signatures on Review steps - Sometimes in addition to applicant signatures, governments want their employees to sign off on an approval or permit. CityGrows offers the option to add signatures to any review step. Employees sign the same way as applicants - using their finger on a touchscreen or their mouse to add their signature to CityGrows.

Just toggle on Ask for signature to require reviewers to sign.

Citygrows review step signature toggle

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