The ClearForms dashboard lets your sort or search so you can find the process or processes you're looking for. There are several ways to search on your Dashboard.- Quick search, workflow attributes, and saved filters. You can drill down into your data to find what you're looking for in just a few steps. Here a quick video overview of your options:

Quick Search for one process

The easiest way to find one process (a submitted permit, license, or application) is to use the Quick Search option in navigation bar of your Dashboard.  We recommend using the Contains search option to find what you're looking for. As you type, you'll see processes that match what you're submitting. Only use Exact Match if you know that you have a very specific piece of data - for example a complete phone number or email address.

CityGrows quick search dashboard

Use Filters to search for one or more processes that meet specific criteria

On your dashboard, your active processes are sorted by default to show ones that need attention first. This is a good place to start, but if you want to find a group of processes by some combination of Workflow, Status, Date Launched, Step status or other general characteristics you can use the left side of the dashboard to create a filter. If you'll be using the same search repeatedly, you can save it.

Here is an example of sorting by Status - here, we're looking only for Completed processes from just our Business License workflow (there's just one process that meets that criteria).

CityGrows completion status filter example

You can also search by who launched a process, when it was launched, the step status, or any specific information in one of the fields (if you've specified one workflow).

If this is a search you'll run repeatedly, you can click on the Create saved filter at the bottom of the left side search area and give the filter a name. Then going forward you'll be able to select it at the top left under Saved Filters and run it with just one click.

Here's how to find something specific in a particular field in one of your workflows.

First, select a specific Workflow instead of All Workflows.

Once you have selected a specific Workflow (everything should be the same color) you've already narrowed things down.

You can select a specific field and then enter a value in that field. In this example, I first narrowed my Dashboard down to Dog Licenses, then searched for a process where the Name on collar field contained Roger.

From there, you can add a search term based on one of the fields in the Workflow. In this example, we're searching Dog License applications for a dog named Roger.

CityGrows specifc dog license filter example

Saving filters and setting your default dashboard view

You can add multiple filters at the same time, so you can find a specific group of processes this way. And if it's a search you'll run repeatedly, remember you can save the Filter.

Just click the Create saved filter button, and give your filter a name. Then you'll see a Default checkbox. If you click it, your saved filter will load as your default view every time you open up ClearForms.

Citygrows default saved filter on user dashboard

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