There are 5 options available to customize for each workflow step:

Workflow step settings on CityGrows platform

Applicant Instructions:
You can add and edit instructions once they've been included. At the beginning of any step of a workflow, you can use Instructions to add in the program requirements or other general information about the workflow. Applicant instructions will only appear to users who don't have admin access to the workflow. These instructions are helpful to guide the users through the required steps to complete the process.

Admin Instructions:

Similarily, admin instructions are only available to users who are given admin permissions to the workflow. Admin instructions are particularly helpful in Review steps, as well as any Collect Info Steps that are created to be completed by a team member.

*When you have finished writing applicant/admin instructions, be sure to click the blue "Save Instructions" button to save your work.

Overview Description:
The Overview Description appears on the Start page of the workflow to help applicants understand what will happen on each Step. 

You can add a timeframe - a number of days, hours, or minutes. This can be handy to make sure that processes aren't slowing down too much. If a step isn't completed within a certain timeframe, it will show as Overdue in your Dashboard.

CityGrows timeframe page on workflow

Email notifications
You can add an email notification: this will be automatically sent to either the applicant (the person who launched the process) or the workflow admins. The email can also be send either when step is either started or completed, depending on the options you choose at setup.

Be sure to click "Save email notifications" to save your message to the step

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