If you're assigned as a reviewer on a process via a Role or as an individual, you'll want to look at the information that's already been submitted and then decide whether or not to approve the process to move forward.

Here's a quick overview of how to review on desktop:

If you received an invitation to review something and you haven't used ClearForms before, follow the link in the email, set up your ClearForms account, and you'll be forwarded to the Review section described below.

If you're already a ClearForms user, you can click on the "Reviews" tab in your navigation (next to the link to the Dashboard) or go to https://admin.citygrows.com/reviews any time to see all the processes that are waiting for your review. 

Once you're there, you'll see your first review. All the information in the process is viewable on the left side, and your Review choices are on the right.

CityGrows Review process gif

You can

  • Approve: This allows the process to continue. If you include a message, it will be sent to the applicant, but including a message is not required. If all necessary reviewers have been approved, the process will automatically advance to the next step. It's possible to have a default Approval message that's pre-set for each workflow, but each Reviewer always has the option to adjust it for each process. 

  • Request changes: This holds the process until any changes you've requested have been made. To ask for changes and communicate with the applicant, type your request in the box, and it will be forwarded to the applicant and automatically added to your the Discussion pane. Once the changes have been made, you can re-review and Approve, or Request Changes again. Note: You must include a message in order to request changes, and there's no pre-set message option for this review type.

  • Reject and Halt: This is for when you want to permanently halt (stop) the process. While it's possible to resume a halted process, we recommend only using this option if the application is unlikely to continue.  As with "Request Changes" you're required to write a message to the applicant, and they will automatically get a notification that the process has been Rejected with your comments. Most reviews are either approved, or approved after changes have been requested, so you may not end up using "Reject" very often.  It's possible to have a default Reject message that's pre-set for each workflow, but each Reviewer always has the option to adjust it for each process. 

To Review on Mobile:

  • Hit the three lines on the top of the screen (left of the bell icon). This will activate a drop-down that takes you to various ClearForms features.

  • Hit "Reviews"

CityGrows Mobile Dropdown
  • From here, you can Approve, Request Changes, or Reject specific workflow processes. You can also access the Discussion feature here.

  • To move to a different process, simply hit "Skip to next review" at the top of the screen. This will chronologically take you to the next pending process for review.

Mobile review feature citygrows

You can also access Reviews from an individual process

Click on an process that you want to review from your dashboard, or open the link that was included in an email alerting you that an application was ready for review. (This section applies to standard admin reviewers who work for government and who have been added as reviewers on a workflow. If you received an invitation to be a "Third Party" or one-time reviewer, the below isn't applicable to you.)

You'll land on the Review screen.  We’re showing this on a desktop, but you can also do this whole process on your phone if you prefer.  

When you open up an application to review it from the dashboard, you automatically land on your review step.  From the process view, in order to see the information that an applicant submitted, you’ll need to click on the earlier steps in the process where they uploaded and entered their information. To see all information at once, click "Open in review manager"

CityGrows review manager page

Here's how it looks on a mobile device:

Mobile inside workflow review step

If everything looks good, go ahead and complete your review.  It’s easy. Click back over to the review step, then click “Submit Review” on the document for which you approved the application.  Once the review step is completed, the applicant will get an automatic notification that they can move forward. or be notified if you've requested changes or rejected the process..

 Some review steps require you to add your signature, which you can add with your finger (on a smartphone or touchscreen) or with your mouse if you're using a Desktop.

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