In addition to all the other ways you can customize your Team settings on ClearForms (including changing your Team name, URL, and adding your government's logo - learn more here, you can now also change the color of the Menu bar that your applicants and government users see at the top of the page to match your government's color scheme and existing website.

To customize the color, navigate to your Teams page (from the drop-down menu at the upper right of your screen).  From the main Team Profile page, scroll down (if needed) until you see the color picker (just below where you can upload your government's logo).

There are two ways to select a new color:

  1.  Move the slider along the color bar at the bottom and/or the white circle on the visible color square until you find the color you like, then hit the green "Save Color" button.

  2. If you have a specific brand color, type or paste in the HEX code for your selected color into the text box below the color square, then hit the green "Save Color" button. (HEX codes are 6-value codes that define specific colors for websites.)

We hope you enjoy customizing the color of your ClearForms process pages.

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