Sometimes when you're setting up a Collect Information step, you already have a list of the possible answers you'd like your users to select from for a Multiple Choice (select one answer) or Checkbox (select zero, one, or multiple answers) field.

ClearForms allows you to upload and import a .csv file of answers, to save yourself a lot of typing when setting up a new workflow. Have a long list of dog breeds, business types, or other list you need to include in your workflow? Here's how to get them into a multiple choice or checkbox field:

  1. Make the answer list into a .csv (comma separated value) file. You can do this by creating a one-column Excel spreadsheet. Just make sure it's set up so that's it's one answer per line. Here's an example of how you'd set this up for a list of U.S. State abbreviations. Don't include a column header or description. And be sure to export as a .csv (not an Excel file).

  2. Set up your new question inside a ClearForms Collect Information step. When you select Multiple choice or Checkbox as a field type, you'll now see the Upload .CSV option at the bottom of that field.

Citygrows Multiple Choice collect info step

Select the .csv file you've exported, and upload it.

3. All of the rows in your .csv are now available in your multiple choice field or checkbox field! If you need to start over, just hit the Clear all link and they'll be removed. Also, you can edit each answer individually once they've been uploaded.
Here's hoping this makes your workflow setup even easier. And don't forget - your edits won't be live until you click the Publish changes button at upper right of your edit screen. 

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