Once you've done all the testing and refining of your workflow that you'd like, and you're confident it's ready for use by your constituents, launching is as easy as adding a link to your website or sharing the link via email (or via mail for workflows that were previously paper-based). Here's where you can find the link to share:

CityGrows location of link to share a workflow

Just click the blue-grey "copy" icon, then paste and share the link.

And while you're at it, paste that link in a new tab to preview the Start page for the workflow as least once before you launch WHILE you're logged in. When you do, you'll see the option to customize the landing page banner image (pick something that represents your community) as well as add a short workflow description.

CityGrows Dog License workflow start page without description

Before you launch, please make sure you've configured your Team, added your government's name and logo, and if your process includes a fee or payment, connected your bank account.  Here's a pre-launch checklist!

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